Mission statement

The affordable care act. Demystified.

You’ve got questions about the Affordable Care Act? Or how the law will effect your health insurance? We’ve got you covered.

WellBee File is a daily digital destination that curates, reports on and clarifies issues surrounding the Affordable Care Act, which has created a tangle since it became law in 2010.

A resource for the 24 million Americans mandated to join the ranks of the insured by 2023, WellBeeFile’s consumer-facing content will include:

Fact Check: A column that will clarify statements, from the left, right and middle, about the ACA.

Q&A: Will provide answers to questions about ACA, how it impacts insurance rates, patients, businesses and families.

Stories: How newly purchased health insurance–or the lack of it–effects people’s lives, every day.

Current: Many people think it’s an impossible task to make sense of the daily ACA conversation and how it impacts people’s lives. We don’t.


WellBeeFile Team

laurie tarkanExecutive Editor Laurie Tarkan is a health journalist, veteran contributor to the New York Times and has written for Health, Prevention, Glamour, Shape, Fitness, Ladies’ Home Journal, among other magazines. She has blogged for iVillage, Foxnews.com and CBSnews.com, and is the author of several health books.

“In all my reporting, I’ve tried to focus on helping inform health consumers,” says Tarkan, a New Jersey resident and mother of two. “The affordable care act is huge, the number of news outlets covering it is immense, but I will bring it all together and be the go-to source for people who are looking for insurance and businesses who are looking for answers.”


oconnor picFounding editor/publisher Brian O’Connor began his publishing career editing Health Week, and has written for Slate, New York Daily News, Wired, San Francisco Weekly and Time Inc. As a contributing editor for Men’s Fitness, he spearheaded the magazine’s Fittest and Fattest Cities report, and his numerous cover stories are among the title’s all-time best-selling newsstand issues.

“With the changes occurring in health care and health insurance, we weren’t seeing an online destination where people could get access to unbiased information about the Affordable Care Act,” says O’Connor, a Manhattan resident. “We didn’t see a portal where all questions could be answered, and where readers can share their stories. WellBeeFile fills that void.”


rovner picFounding publisher Michael Rovner began writing for Vogue, Esquire and The New York Times in 1993 and is currently a columnist for The Huffington Post. He’s launched five national consumer magazines. As the general manager of pop music site Musictoob, he syndicated content to Yahoo! Prior to that, he was the general manager of Globorati, a luxury travel news website distributed to Reuters.


Michael KunhennDesigner Michael Kunhenn brings almost two decades of graphic design and creative direction. While at Interbrand New York, clients included Nationwide Insurance, Advantage Care Insurance, Vitas Innovative Hospice Care, Bank One, Sirius Satellite Radio and Liquid Visa.

“The design challenge for WellBeeFile was to express an informational and educational communication system in an interesting and compelling way,” says Kunhenn, a German native who lives in Metropolitan New York. “The colors were chosen to make the WellBeeFile brand comfortable in the health care industry, while the font suggests an administrative look and feel. Both color and fonts were chosen for their slightly futuristic appearance.”



Social media editor Joshua Williams is founder of JoShPwlll, a boutique online marketing agency, and has leveraged social media community-building to help his clients meet a variety of goals, from growing an online wellness radio show to 26 million listeners, to securing recording and publishing contracts for several musicians, to increasing sales for multiple small businesses.

“Health care is important,” says Williams, a Chicago resident and a published poet who whimsically considers himself a food connoisseur. “There is a lot of misleading information circulating around the internet, especially in social media. We are here to be a dependable source equipped with the facts necessary for Americans to choose the best healthcare for them and their family.”


heatherWellBee Fellow Heather McKillop is a senior at Montclair State University pursuing public relations and health communications. As a student, McKillop has a special interest in how The Affordable Care Act affects the millennial generation.

“Unfortunately, many young Americans do not have the time or resources to learn more about the law,” says McKillop. “They depend on media coverage, which usually does not provide enough in-depth information to make knowledgeable decisions about health care options.”

McKillop is excited to be on board with the WellBeeFile and hopes to help clarify some of the misunderstandings that students and young adults have about health care.