March (Healthcare) Madness


With a March 31 deadline for signing up for the Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration is applying a full court press to urge the uninsured, especially the young and uninsured, to enroll. The Obama Administration hopes to get another one million people to enroll in health care. The Administration is using all media channels from network TV to radio … Continued


Obamacare: Good For Young People?


Campus Progress‘s infographic dispels a lot of Obamacare lies in one fell swoop. Take a scroll and check out why most young people will not be fleeced by Obamacare (Pie chart), how the new law helps 19-26 year olds (see the list under the broken-down car), and how some states have done a disservice to young people by not expanding … Continued


Same Sex Spouses Can Now Buy Family Insurance

same sex marriage

Insurers can’t offer health coverage to a spouse in a traditional marriage if they don’t also make the same coverage available to spouses in same-sex marriages, the federal government announced Friday. The change means that same-sex married couples who have been unable to buy family policies will be able to do so. The change does not extend to couples who are in … Continued


5 Tips To Find A Doctor In-Network


If you just signed up for health insurance for the first time, one of the first things you need to do is find doctors in-network. Finding the right in-network doctors can be challenging. Some policies may allow you to use out-of-network providers (at a higher cost to you), while others do not offer any coverage if you go outside the … Continued


Five Key Ways The ACA Works In The Trenches

The writer of FeministMidwife blog, who goes only by Stephanie, posted about why she loves the Affordable Care Act. Stephanie practices the full scope of women’s healthcare at two clinics and one hospital serving an uninsured, low-income area. When talking to her patients about the availability of affordable insurance, she says they become excited about the opportunity to control their … Continued


Penalty For Not Having Health Insurance Is Greater Than You Think


If you’ve thought you could get away with paying only a $95 penalty for not buying health insurance by the March 31 deadline, you may be mistaken. As Brian Haile, Sr. VP for health policy at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service told Julie Rovner, of NPR “I’d say the vast majority of people I’ve dealt with really believe that the penalty … Continued


Why Doctors Can Skip The Insurance Exchange

eddie murphy

Confusion still exists surrounding the networks of doctors on the insurance plans that can be purchased on the state and federal health exchanges. Some disappear, suddenly and mysteriously from a network. In some instances, carriers listed a physician as accepting an exchange plan, but the physicians didn’t know this. People were complaining that their doctors were not listed, in some … Continued